GRR-iX is a regional Internet Exchange Point (IXP) located in Grand Rapids Michigan that operates as a Not for profit. Membership and interconnection are both free and the collaboration of carriers, ISP's, and Enterprise Businesses allows for traffic to be exchanged without any charges. GRR-iX provides 1G, 10G, 25G and 100G ports for members.


By peering with local and regional networks, GRR-iX members can reduce latency and hops, which can improve their network performance. This also helps to bring your network closer to your customers and brings your customers closer to members content. Peering can also add real cost savings. If you're interested in getting started, you can Email: peering@grr-ix.com

The Network


CORE Network

The Grand Rapids Internet Exchange core switch fabric is located at 123NET - 400 76th St. SW #12 Byron Center, MI.


GRR-iX Interconnection points

123NET - 400 76th St. SW #12 Byron Center, MI

peering@grr-ix.com      +1 800.227.1957     Grand Rapids Internet Exchange - 400 76th St. SW, Suite 12